About Red Radio


Red Radio is a distinctive vegan podcast hosted by vegan advocate and animal activist Erin Red, released into the wild on a weekly basis.

From an outspoken but realistic standpoint, Erin addresses a myriad of topics ranging from Veganism 101, to animal rights and abolition, health and fitness, travel and dining, popular culture, environmentalism, cooking, baking, and more. Red Radio regularly features guests from the activist community, music, television and film personalities and noted industry professionals including Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, Simone Reyes, Gary L. Francione and Rich Roll.

In addition, Erin Red periodically records on location at vegan hotspots and events, and includes real stories with vegans from all walks of life. Promoting veganism as the premiere ethical and healthful lifestyle choice, Erin Red’s focus is on educating and inspiring people of all ages and lifestyles while simultaneously supporting animal causes and charities, organizing events and meetups, and encouraging a more active and proactive vegan community locally and beyond.