About Erin Red

Photo by Sarah Leonard, a life vegan

Erin Red was born and raised in Toronto, Canada relocating to New York City in 1999.  After going vegan in February of 2006, she became immersed in the lifestyle, developing an overwhelming passion for the movement and creating her own niche in the vegan community.  In 2011, Erin established a vegan blog and generated buzz through various social media outlets and community events.  Soon after she began writing for Vegansaurus!, a popular bi-coastal vegan blog.  During this exciting time, she appeared on Citizen Radio with comedian Jamie Kilstein and journalist Allison Kilkenny.  The overwhelmingly positive response inspired Erin to create Red Radio, her own weekly vegan podcast, which debuted on November 14th, 2011, to rave reviews from vegans and non-vegans alike.  It continues to this day with widespread support worldwide.


In 2012, Erin Red co-founded The Seed: A Vegan Experience, a hugely successful two-day vegan festival in New York City.  Later that year, she completed Victoria Moran’s Main Street Vegan Academy and became a Certified Vegan Lifestyle Coach (VLC) and Vegan Nutrition Specialist.  Focused on being an educated, empowered and enthusiastic voice for the animals, Erin Red’s charismatic approach and rich life experiences continue to speak to a broad audience within the community and far beyond, addressing topics from all aspects of the vegan spectrum with sincerity and humor.


Erin Red lives in Brooklyn with her partner and their animal companions.  Along with her work as a vegan advocate and animal activist, she practices muay Thai regularly, enjoys a daily run, and collects tattoos.