You do realise that humans are genetically, biologically, naturally omnivores, right? Humans are supposed to eat meat.

We’re not meant to eat meat, or even technically grains/starches. We as a human species are meant to thrive on a raw vegan diet, of fruits, veggies, and rarely nuts/seeds (specifically, on an 801010 ratio with 80% of our calories or more coming from carbohydrates, and 10% or less from fat and protein). Grains and starches cut up our intestinal tract like glass shards. However, it has been proven to still have beneficial properties to our health and can be eaten in a healthy diet. In general, whether it be cooked or raw, a low fat vegan diet is the healthiest and most natural on the planet. Meat however isn’t. Any amount of meat or animal product is too much. 

If we were designed to eat meat like society tells us we are, we would be eating it raw. The whole “it’s what we’d eat in nature” debate goes down the toilet when we buy our pre-cut and cured meat at the supermarket, season it and cook it. Animals in nature who are meant to eat meat eat it raw, catch it themselves, kill it with their own claws/teeth, eat the blood and guts and fat, etc. We as humans don’t have any “claws”, nor can we bite into flesh with our teeny tiny teeth. 


Meat-eaters: don’t have skin pores and perspire through the tongue

Herbivores: perspire through skin pores

Humans: perspire through skin pores

Meat-eaters: have sharp front teeth for tearing, with no flat molar teeth for grinding

Herbivores: no sharp front teeth, but flat rear molars for grinding

Humans: no sharp front teeth, but flat rear molars for grinding

Meat-eaters: have intestinal tract that is only 3 times their body length so that rapidly decaying meat can pass through quickly

Herbivores: have intestinal tract 10-12 times their body length.

Humans: have intestinal tract 10-12 times their body length.

Meat-eaters: have strong hydrochloric acid in stomach to digest meat

Herbivores: have stomach acid that is 20 times weaker than that of a meat-eater

Humans: have stomach acid that is 20 times weaker than that of a meat-eater

Meat-eaters: salivary glands in mouth not needed to pre-digest grains and fruits.

Herbivores: well-developed salivary glands which are necessary to pre-digest grains and fruits

Humans: well-developed salivary glands, which are necessary to pre-digest, grains and fruits

Meat-eaters: have acid saliva with no enzyme ptyalin to pre-digest grains

Herbivores: have alkaline saliva with ptyalin to pre-digest grains

Humans: have alkaline saliva with ptyalin to pre-digest grains

Based on a chart by A.D. Andrews, Fit Food for Men, (Chicago: American Hygiene Society, 1970)

Meat-eaters also synthesize vitamin c, while herbivores and humans do not and need to get it externally from their food.

If We Were Meant to Eat Meat, Why Is It Killing Us?

Carnivorous animals in the wild virtually never suffer from heart diseasecancerdiabetes, strokes, or obesity, ailments that are caused in humans in large part by the consumption of the saturated fat and cholesterol in meat.

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Excess Protein

We consume twice as much protein as we need when we eat a meat-based diet, and this contributes to osteoporosis and kidney stones. Animal protein raises the acid level in our blood, causing calcium to be excreted from the bones to restore the blood’s natural pH balance. This calcium depletion leads to osteoporosis, and the excreted calcium ends up in the kidneys, where it can form kidney stones or even trigger kidney disease.

Consuming animal protein has also been linked to cancer of the colon, breast, prostate, and pancreas. According to Dr. T. Colin Campbell, the director of the Cornell-China-Oxford Project on Nutrition, Health, and the Environment, “In the next ten years, one of the things you’re bound to hear is that animal protein … is one of the most toxic nutrients of all that can be considered.”

Eating meat can also have negative consequences for stamina and sexual potency. One Danish study indicated that “Men peddling on a stationary bicycle until muscle failure lasted an average of 114 minutes on a mixed meat and vegetable diet, 57 minutes on a high-meat diet, and a whopping 167 minutes on a strict vegetarian diet.”9Besides having increased physical endurance, vegan men are also less likely to suffer from impotence.

Food Poisoning

Since we don’t have strong stomach acids like carnivores to kill all the bacteria in meat, dining on animal flesh can also give us food poisoning. According to the USDA, meat is the cause of 70 percent of foodborne illnesses in the United States because it’s often contaminated with dangerous bacteria like E. coli, listeria, and campylobacter. Every year in the United States alone, food poisoning sickens over 75 million people and kills more than 5,000.

Dr. William C. Roberts, M.D., editor of the authoritative American Journal of Cardiology, sums it up this way: “[A]lthough we think we are one and we act as if we are one, human beings are not natural carnivores. When we kill animals to eat them, they end up killing us because their flesh, which contains cholesterol and saturated fat, was never intended for human beings, who are natural herbivores.” Learn more about how meat damages human health.

Human Evolution and the Rise of Meat-Heavy Diets

If it’s so unhealthy and unnatural for humans to eat meat, why did our ancestors sometimes turn to flesh for sustenance?

During most of our evolutionary history, we were largely vegetarian. Plant foods like potatoes made up the bulk of our ancestors’ diet. The more frequent addition of modest amounts of meat to the early human diet came with the discovery of fire, which allowed us to lower the risk of being sickened or killed by parasites in meat. This practice did not turn our ancestors into carnivores but rather allowed early humans to survive in periods when plant foods were unavailable.

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All nutrients needed for humans can and should be gotten from a plant-based diet, as it is not only a better source, but is pure. When you get your nutrients through a rotting animal carcus you have put these essential nutrients through a filter of an animals body and digestive tract. 

For the protein argument, our protein needs as humans are very low. We only need 2.5% of our daily calories from protein, and with sufficient plant-based calories, this is easily attainable. There is no such thing as protein deficiency, only calorie deficiency which obviously lacks many things (protein being one of them, but not the only thing that’s lacking). 

As for dairy, since it’s so acidic in the body (and your body is an efficient machine at trying to keep you in an alkaline state) it leeches calcium from your bones to neutralize the acidity, giving you problems like osteoporosis  It’s a terrible source of calcium, and is filled with puss. 

As for eggs, it’s high in cholesterol and leads to many health problems, health isn’t another species period! 

Honey: bee vomit, acidic in the body. 

I hope this helps you understand better! xx

  • Chris Gabb

    This is all a load of crap.
    Look up human evolution our teeth can easily bite through flesh, certain predators can bite through bone and crush whatever they kill and eat like the T-rex. Others like sharks can bite through flesh but struggle with thick bone so they eat around, our teeth are abit like a shark although we don’t replace our broken teeth and we don’t just go up to animals and bite them on the arse. We hunt them using our arms and evolved to chasse them using our legs we have less hair on us than any gorilla or chimp and can sweet so when chasing a injured animal so we can run longer than any other animal without over heating. We are the most agile land animal on earth look at all other animals can they turn like we can and our teeth are designed to bite through flesh while we hold it with our hands. All other carnivores don’t have arms like us to kill so need a big mouth with big teeth to do they’re killing and to rip off flesh from kills, We don’t thanks to our arms. Our jaws are surprisingly strong for its size and uses less effort to bite through flesh than any other primate, plus thanks to millions and thousands of years eating more and more meat made it so our brains grew bigger and bigger. Look at gorillas, chimps and any primate living now part from us homo sapiens. They all live in trees and eat largely fruit. Its well known predators tend to be smarter than prey and humans are the smartest known animal. Primitive humans ate more and more meat Neanderthal’s are believed to eaten largely raw meat and less plant matter than our self and had larger teeth and bones. But we’ll eat any think like pigs do meat veg we’ll survive on plant and meat matter but… For a very long time its been plant matter = less filling food. Meat was vital and vital also for brain growth. Vegetarians have something against meat eaters and see us as killers, but to live you have to kill plants after all are a form of life and go look at some wilder beast and some lions its well known who comes ontop in the wild and it was a wild world just 10,000 years ago and we was dominate then, how by being the top predator and we are not herbivores just like we are not carnivores we are omnivores we eat both and many people don’t know the differences !!!!!