EP73: Sherry F. Colb Has All of the Answers!

Red Radio Episode Seventy Three gets REALLY real with author, professor, vegan advocate and generally brilliant human being, Sherry F. Colb!  Taking cues from her brand new book, Mind If I Order The Cheeseburger? …and Other Questions People Ask Vegans, Sherry helps to solve some of veganism and animal rights’ toughest quandaries from vegans and omnivores alike.  From the sentience of plant life, to the feminism parallel, to the big, bad, abortion issue… no holds barred.  PLUS, Erin Red announces a SPECTACULAR giveaway: a pair of tickets to the World Premiere of Speciesism: The Movie in New York City!  Check out the specs in the intro, and enter before 11:59 on Friday, September 13th!  WINNING! Please consider supporting Red Radio by visiting Erin Red’s home base erinred.com and clicking on ‘Support the Show’, and make sure to subscribe to Red Radio on iTunes (or your favorite podcatcher) today!  If you love what you hear, leave a glowing review with five sparkly stars, or drop Erin Red a line at erinredradio@gmail.com.  Better yet, dial the Red Radio Hotline at (510) 500-KALE and speak your truth!  Don’t feel connected?  Follow Erin Red on Twitter (@erinred) and Like her on Facebook (/erinred)!