EP59: A Stroll on Main Street with Victoria Moran!

At long last, Erin Red welcomes bestselling author, speaker, and vegan powerhouse Victoria Moran to Red Radio EP59!  Listen in on an inspiring, heartwarming, and revitalizing conversation as Victoria shares her rich life experiences, discusses the growing vegan movement, and fills us in on her plans for a brand new book.  Plus, Farm Sanctuary President Gene Baur brings brave animal activism to Runner’s World magazine, and milk mustaches take on a whole new meaning… over two full hours of casein-free conversation!  SPECTACULAR!  Please consider supporting Red Radio by visiting Erin Red’s home base erinred.com and clicking on ‘Support the Show’, and make sure to subscribe to Red Radio on iTunes (or your favorite podcatcher) today!  If you love what you hear, leave a glowing review with five sparkly stars, or drop Erin Red a line at erinredradio@gmail.com and speak your truth!  Don’t feel connected?  Follow Erin Red on Twitter (@erinred) and Like her on Facebook (/erinred)!
  • There is no “Listen Now” link here! (I went to iTunes to find it)

  • I love that Victoria acknowledges that one can eat a plant-based whole foods diet and still be fat. Thank you for that!