A Response To ‘The Truth’

A Response To ‘The Truth’:

Since there was no option to respond directly to this lovely lady’s blog (please read below), I thought I’d address it right here on my own. 

Calling something THE truth, when it is clearly YOUR truth, is the first issue.

Secondly, NO human ‘needs’ the flesh or secretions from an animal to thrive and survive.  None of us, not one.  The nutrients we need are all plant-based – if you’re eating animals, you’re simply adding an extra step.  Vegans dive straight into the vitamins and minerals, no middle-cow/pig/chicken/tuna necessary.  

Nor are we designed, physiologically, to eat animals. Please see below:

If you tried to switch to a vegan diet, and didn’t feel at optimal health, chances are you were not eating enough calories (as animal based food is far more caloric than plant-based) or you were not eating healthfully.  Just the same as in a non-vegan diet, one must pay close attention to the kinds of foods they are eating in order to manifest optimal health.

Contrary to the popular belief that veganism is a financially prohibitive lifestyle, as long as you stick to a whole-foods diet and become comfortable with preparing your own food (at least from time to time), in reality it is far less expensive than the standard American diet.  Think about the most expensive items on your grocery bill:  animal foods, processed foods, prepared foods.  That’s across the board; plant-based or not.  So as long as you’re not stuffing yourself with plant-based meats and cheeses, ready-made meals or prepared sweets and pastries (all of which are unhealthy anyhow!), your grocery bill will be significantly reduced, I can guarantee it. 

Here are some links to help you with being vegan on a budget:




VEGAN ON $3.33 A DAY featuring KRIS CARR


EATING VEGAN on $4 A DAY – book

I hope this information opens some doors for you and for your truth, bandedlily – if you (or anyone else, for that matter!) find yourself asking more questions, I’d be more than happy to help you find the answers.


xo Erin Red


I may be opening a can-of-worms, but it needs to be said for good measure:

For all vegans and vegetarians that are able to eat an animal product-free diet without repercussions (deficiencies, loss of menstruation, etc), that’s power to you. But at least have the decent *open* mind that you claim…