EP52: The Year-End Red Radio Mailbag Blowout!

Returning to the (overstuffed!) mailbag to close out 2012, Erin Red shares inspiring stories of transformation and grapples with your toughest and most complicated vegan related questions in Red Radio Episode Fifty Two!  Is procreation vegan?  Where can I find awesome vegan makeup?  Should I get the flu vaccine this year?  How can I prevent myself from stinking without all the animal ingredients?  Answers to all these questions and much, much more – almost TWO HOURS of information for your noggin!  PLUS, support an important cause with TheBlackFish.org and hear Erin Red sing for the first (and last) time!  HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!  Please consider supporting Red Radio by visiting erinred.com and clicking the DONATE button, and subscribe to Red Radio on iTunes today!  If you love what you hear, leave a glowing review, or drop Erin Red a line at erinredradio@gmail.com.  You can also read her blog at erinred.tumblr.com, and find her on Facebook and Twitter @erinred.  
  • Hi! Regarding your mailbag: When you mentioned about not supporting vegan small companies that are bought out by larger companies that test or use animal products. I have a question for you. Do you shop at Whole Foods or other “health food” grocery stores? You know those places also carry meat and other animal products. So if any vegan shops at these stores or ANY store–unless it is a 100% vegan shop—you are supporting them in cruelty toward animals, and of course the money vegans give them in buying the vegan products is also used to buy animal products..

    I personally have no problem buying, for instance, Tom’s of Maine products. Yes, I know who owns them but I realize unless I find only 100% vegan stores to shop at, I will be supporting animal suffering anyway when I buy the vegan products non-vegan stores have (also, that would mean vegans should not shop at drug stores, getting prescriptions, etc. as drugs stores is definitely not vegan and your dollars will go toward cruelty products, cruelty drugs, etc.)

    I think I’m sending a message when I buy only vegan products. When I buy Tom’s toothpaste and soap, that’s sending the owners a message that I will support the vegan items only. I’m at peace with that, otherwise I don’t know about you but I’d go crazy looking for only 100% vegan stores to buy from.
    Anyway, I have heard vegans say what you were saying on your show and I’ve finally decided to say, Hey wait a minute! Do you realize what you’re saying?

    I always listen to your show–it’s great! Keep up the awesome work!

    • I think you missed the point. She was referring to where there are other options, like buying cosmetics from vegan essentials. Where there are no other alternatives, we do the best we can.

  • thanks for the insight on the vaccines dilemma.

  • VeganLucas

    Hi Erin,

    Thank you so much for the lovely show!

    I too have encountered many vegans trying to out-vegan vegan parents by declaring that the decision to procreate is not ethical and/or not vegan. After hearing the arguments you presented on your show, I wrote an essay (replete with links to relevant info) challenging this widely, and often uncritically accepted belief that our planet is facing a human overpopulation problem and posted it on my family’s blog. The essay can be found here: http://ourveganpregnancy.blogspot.com/2013/01/vegans-procreation-and-overpopulation.html

    I hope that it can be of use to vegan parents, or anyone else, who is troubled by vocal (and in my experience hostile and self-righteous) anti-procreationists. As you yourself have discovered, there are not a whole lot of vegans out there challenging “overpopulation”/anti-procreation arguments. This is disappointing and frustrating, but hopefully, given the proper resources and support, vegan parents will speak up and stop tolerating all this misplaced blame and contempt within the vegan community for their reproductive choices.

    All the best,


  • where do I find show notes?